Future Issues

October 5, 2016

JBTS is always accepting papers in all areas of Christian studies. Moreover, as part of its mission, it devotes certain issues to singular themes or topics within biblical, theological, and philosophical studies. Executive editors will oversee these special issues. Below is a list of upcoming issues that have special topics associated with them. You are invited to submit articles or book reviews for these following topics:

The Israelite Monarchy within Biblical and Theological Studies (2019)

  • Executive Editors: Daniel Diffey and Gunner Gundersen
  • Associate Editor: Casey Croy

King David

The Israelite monarchy has always been an interest of biblical studies and there has been a good deal of scholarly debate around both historical and theological issues concerning Israel’s kingship and kingdom. This issue, which will be published in Spring 2019, will focus on the Israelite monarchy. Some particular points of focus will be on historical issues (minimalist vs. maximalist views of Israel’s history as they relate to Israel’s monarchy) and theological issues (is the Old Testament anti-monarchy, pro-monarchial, both, or neither).

Articles to be Included (partial list):

Eugene H. Merrill, “A Biblical Theology of the Israelite Monarchy”

Peter J. Gentry, “Isaiah 7:12-16–Cutting Down the Davidic Tree: Pivotal Point in the Israelite Monarchy”

Andrew E. Steinmann, “Role of the Philistines in the Establishment of the Israelite Monarchy”

If you have any general questions, please send an email to jbts@gcu.edu. If you have particular questions about submitting an article for this issue please contact Daniel Diffey or Gunner Gundersen.  If you are interested in reviewing on book on the Israelite monarchy for this issue please contact Casey Croy.


Aramaic and the Bible (2020)

  • Executive Editor: Adam Howell

Due to its limited use in the Tanakh, Aramaic is often neglected in biblical studies.  However, understanding Aramaic provides closure to one’s study of Old Testament languages, especially as it relates to the lingua franca of later Old Testament and early New Testament history.  Furthermore, Aramaic translations of the Bible (Targums and Peshitta particularly) provide the biblical scholar with an exemplary historical background for understanding the Scriptures.  Therefore, it is the goal of this issue to present the benefits Aramaic brings to biblical scholarship.  This issue will welcome contributions on Biblical Aramaic, Targumic Aramaic, and Syriac languages, as well as theological and historical topics grounded in Aramaic languages and dialects.

This issue is scheduled for Spring 2020.  Unsolicited articles may be sent to Adam Howell prior to September 1, 2019.  If there are general questions about the journal, please direct those to jbts@gcu.edu.  If you have questions about this particular issue or would like to contribute a book review for this issue, please email the executive editor, Adam Howell.


Catholicity (Exact Title TBD) (2020)

  • Executive Editors: Ryan A. Brandt and Matthew Y. Emersonpentecost

The Catholicity issue will be in two parts. Part 1 will feature articles from scholars of different theological traditions addressing the general theme of Catholicity in their own tradition’s perspective. Each article will include a biblical and theological reflection about the nature, foundation, and proper pursuit of catholicity. Part 2 will feature a dialogue between Peter Leithart and Luke Stamps on credo/paedo baptism and its place in discussions of catholicity. Each person will write an article, response, and final rejoinder.

Part 1:

  • Roman Catholic: Eduardo Echeverria
  • Eastern Orthodox: John Mark Reynolds
  • Episcopalian: Amy Peeler
  • Lutheran: David R. Maxwell
  • Presbyterian: Blair Smith
  • Wesleyan: Matt O’Reilly
  • Pentecostal: Chris Green
  • Baptist: Matt Emerson

Part 2:

  • Peter Leithart
  • Luke Stamps


Biblical-Theological System (Exact Title TBD) (2020/2021)

  • Executive Editors: Cory M. Marsh and Daniel Diffey

This issue will cover the major biblical-theological systems of covenant theology, progressive covenantalism, progressive dispensationalism, and normative/traditional dispensationalism. This issue will begin with a section that includes four articles.  Each of these four articles will be written from the point of view from each of these systems that discusses the most important things to know about that system.  Each system will be represented by the following theologians:

  • Covenant Theology: TBD
  • Progressive Covenantalism: Stephen Wellum
  • Progressive Dispensationalism: Michael Vlach
  • Traditional/Normative Dispensationalism: James I. Fazio

The second section of this issue of the journal will include 2 original contributions for each of the above biblical-theological systems. These articles will explore major ideas about each system and seek to help the reader to understand important issues within that system.

If you have any general questions, please send an email to jbts@gcu.edu.  If you are interested in reviewing a book  for this issue please contact Cory M. Marsh or Daniel Diffey.