Future Issues

October 5, 2016

JBTS is always accepting papers in all areas of Christian studies. Moreover, as part of its mission, it devotes certain issues to singular themes or topics within biblical, theological, and philosophical studies. Executive editors will oversee these special issues. Below is a list of upcoming issues that have special topics associated with them. You are invited to submit articles or book reviews for these following topics:

Pastor Theologians and Emerging Challenges (Spring 2018)

  • Executive Editor: Justin McLendon

This issue will focus upon the emerging conversations within pastoral theology. Specifically, this issue seeks to speak into the current issues confronting pastor theologians. With the reemergence of scholarship locating pastors as public, ecclesial theologians, this issue seeks to sort out how pastors minister integrate theology within various ministry challenges. If you have particular questions about articles or book reviews for this journal issue, please contact Justin McLendon. While all submissions within this theme will be considered, articles focusing upon pastor theologians and the following themes are of particular interest: racial reconciliation, suffering, spiritual/character formation, religious liberty, social justice, scholarship, homiletics, public theology, and immigration. In an effort to publish this issue by early 2018, all articles and book reviews are due no later than September 1, 2017.


The Israelite Monarchy within Biblical and Theological Studies (Spring 2019)

  • Executive Editors: Daniel Diffey and Gunner Gundersen
  • Associate Editor: Casey Croy

King David

The Israelite monarchy has always been an interest of biblical studies and there has been a good deal of scholarly debate around both historical and theological issues concerning Israel’s kingship and kingdom. This issue, which will be published in Spring 2019, will focus on the Israelite monarchy. Some particular points of focus will be on historical issues (minimalist vs. maximalist views of Israel’s history as they relate to Israel’s monarchy) and theological issues (is the Old Testament anti-monarchy, pro-monarchial, both, or neither).

All unsolicited articles must be received by September 1, 2018 for consideration.

If you have any general questions, please send an email to jbts@gcu.edu. If you have particular questions about submitting an article for this issue please contact Daniel Diffey or Gunner Gundersen.  If you are interested in reviewing on book on the Israelite monarchy for this issue please contact Casey Croy.


Ecclesia and Ethics in Colossians and Ephesians (TBD, likely 2019)

  • Executive Editors: John Frederick and Joshua Greever

The Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies invites abstracts of 250-300 words for short papers
col-1(3000-3500 words) on issues related to the themes of ecclesiology, ethics, and moral formation in Colossians and Ephesians. Accepted papers will be invited to participate in a global webinar conference in March of 2018 hosted by JBTS and Ecclesia and Ethics. The conference will feature several simultaneous parallel webinar ‘e-sessions’ of short papers along with a selection of keynote sessions from leading biblical scholars. From the accepted short papers, a limited number will be considered and chosen for inclusion in a monograph concerning the ecclesial and ethical theology of Colossians/Ephesians published as a supplement volume for JBTS by Wipf & Stock. Abstracts should be submitted to John Frederick by March 31st 2017. Selections will be made and announced by April 30th 2017.