September 6, 2016

JBTS Volume 4 | Issue 2


JBTS 4.2 (Full Issue)

  • Book Review Article of Divine Simplicity: A Dogmatic Account by Paul R. Hinlicky
  • Book Review Article of Divine Simplicity: Christ the Crisis of Metaphysics by Steven J. Duby
  • Response to Steven J. Duby by Paul R. Hinlicky
  • Response to Paul R. Hinlicky by Steven J. Duby
  • Idolatry: A Rhetorical-Critical Analysis of Deuteronomy 4:15-16, 23 by Joshua K. Smith
  • “If Christ be not Raised”; If Peter was not hte First Pope: Parallel Cases of Indispensable Doctrinal Foundations by Jerry L. Walls
  • Early Christian Liturgy: A Reconstruction of All Known Liturgical Components and Their Respective Order by Andrew Messmer
  • Reforming Credobaptism: A Westminster Alternative for Reformed Baptist Identity by Jordan L. Steffaniak
  • “It’s the Wrath of God”: Reflections on Inferring Divine Punishment by James S. Spiegel
  • Comparative Ecclesiology: Roger Haight’s Christian Community in History for Evangelical Resourcement by Justin L. McLendon
  • Book Reviews

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