September 6, 2016

JBTS Volume 4 | Issue 1


JBTS 4.1 The Israelite Monarchy (Full Issue Forthcoming)

  • A Biblical Theology of the Israelite Monarchy by Eugene H. Merrill
  • Monarchy in Judges: Positive or Negative by Mary L. Conway
  • The Role of the Philistines in the Establishment of the Israelite Monarchy by Andrew E. Steinmann
  • Isaiah 7:12-16–Cutting Down the Davidic Tree: Pivotal Point in the Israelite Monarchy by Peter J. Gentry
  • King Hezekiah in Isaiah by Paul R. Raabe
  • The Future David of Psalm 101: Davidic Hope Sustained in Book IV of the Psalter by David ‘Gunner’ Gundersen
  • Individual versus Collective Retribution in the Chronicler’s Ideology of Exile by Gary Edward Schnittjer
  • Book Reviews

JBTS Volume 3 | Issue 2


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JBTS Volume 3 | Issue 1


JBTS 3.1 Pastoral Theology (Full Issue)

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JBTS 2.2 Christianity and the Philosophy of Science (Full Issue)

JBTS Volume 2 | Issue 1


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JBTS Volume 1

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