September 6, 2016

JBTS Volume 7 | Issue 1 (COMING SOON)

JBTS 7.1 Aramaic and the Bible (Full Issue)

  • Introduction to Aramaic and the Bible by Adam J. Howell
  • The Value of Egyptian Aramaic for Biblical Studies by Collin Cornell
  • “All Manner of Music:” The Author of Daniel 3 as Master Storyteller by H. A. Hopgood
  • How Targum Onqelos Can Help Discern Between the Biblical Hebrew Frequentative and Preterital Imperfects by Richard McDonald
  • Aramaic to Greek Transliterations in the Western Middle Aramaic by Andrew Messmer
  • Targumic Forerunners: How Codex Colbertinus-Sarravianus (G) Demonstrates Targumic Tendencies by Matthew R. Miller
  • Understanding the Paraclete Title: Any Help from the Targums? by John Ronning
  • Genesis 3:15 in the New Testament and in the Pentateuchal Targums: Enmity as a Spiritual Conflict by Iosif J. Zhakevich

JBTS Volume 6 | Issue 2











JBTS 6.2 Herman Bavinck (1854-1921): A Centenary Celebration (Full Issue)

JBTS Volume 6 | Issue 1











JBTS 6.1 (Full Issue)

Part 1 The ‘Christus Odium’ Variety of Penal Substitution in Contemporary Perspective

Part 2 Open Articles

JBTS Volume 5 | Issue 2











JBTS 5.2 The Catholicity of the Church: An Interdenominational Exploration (Full Issue)


Part 1: A House with Many Rooms? Catholicity in Denominational Perspective

Part 2: Baptism—A Gordian Knot for Catholicity? An Extended Dialogue Between Peter J. Leithart and R. Lucas Stamps

JBTS Volume 5 | Issue 1


JBTS 5.1 (Full Issue)

JBTS Volume 4 | Issue 2


JBTS 4.2 (Full Issue)

JBTS Volume 4 | Issue 1


JBTS 4.1 The Israelite Monarchy (Full Issue)

JBTS Volume 3 | Issue 2


JBTS 3.2 (Full Issue)

JBTS Volume 3 | Issue 1


JBTS 3.1 Pastoral Theology (Full Issue)

JBTS Volume 2 | Issue 2


JBTS 2.2 Christianity and the Philosophy of Science (Full Issue)

JBTS Volume 2 | Issue 1


JBTS 2.1 (Full Issue)

JBTS Volume 1

JBTS 1.1 Cover

JBTS 1 Pauline Studies (Full Issue)