American Evangelical Missions Since 1910 by A. Scott Moreau

December 7, 2023

American Evangelical Missions Since 1910

A. Scott Moreau

Scott is Professor of Intercultural Studies Emeritus and former Academic Dean of Wheaton College Graduate School



Abstract: This article provides a brief synopsis of US evangelical missions over the course of the twentieth century. Each of the four historical sections (1910 to 1945, 1946 to 1974, 1975 to 2000, 2001 to 2020) explores developments, challenges, and trends of the time period under consideration. From the nascent development of evangelical missions to the current climate of evangelical splintering, the twentieth century has seen a tumultuous, exciting, surprising, and challenging journey of American evangelical missions.1

Keywords: mission, missiology, missions, evangelical, ecumenical, conciliar, fundamentalist, Pentecostalism, contextualization, holistic mission.

Wrap Up