Reading with the Masoretes: The Exegetical Value of the Masoretic Accents by Marcus A. Leman

March 21, 2017

Reading with the Masoretes:

The Exegetical Value of the Masoretic Accents


2-1a4Marcus Leman is a PhD candidate in Old Testament at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is focusing on biblical languages and the Masoretic accent system

Abstract: The Masoretic accent system provides biblical exegetes with a reading companion that can clarify and confirm the sense of the text. This historic reading tradition covers the entire corpus of the Hebrew Bible. Understood according to its hierarchical structure, this system offers interpreters assistance at various levels of exegesis. Beginning students will benefit from the way the accents indicate clause boundaries. Intermediate interpreters have the opportunity to understand how the reading tradition groups clauses syntactically. Advanced scholars possess the ability to see the semantic highlights that the Masoretes built into their patterns of accentuation. Thus, at every level of study, the Masoretic accents prove to be a valuable reading partner. This article exposes the historical rise and hermeneutical principles that brought about the accent system. Building on that foundation, various examples from the book of Judges illustrate the usefulness of the tradition for Hebrew exegetes.

Key Words: accents, Masoretic Text, exegesis, Hebrew syntax, Semantics, Book of Judges

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