JBTS 4.2 A Brief Editorial Note-Divine Simplicity: Article Reviews and Responses

November 6, 2019

Divine Simplicity: Article Reviews and Responses
By Paul R. Hinlicky and Steven J. Duby
A Brief Editorial Note


The editors invited Paul R. Hinlicky and Steven J. Duby to review one another’s books on the topic of divine simplicity. The following presents their respective review articles and then their responses to one another’s review. The order is as follows:

1. Paul R. Hinlicky’s review article of Duby’s book, Divine Simplicity:
A Dogmatic Account
2. Steven J. Duby’s review article of Hinlicky’s book, Divine Simplicity:
Christ the Crisis of Metaphysics
3. Paul R. Hinlicky’s response to Duby
4. Steven J. Duby’s response to Hinlicky

The editors would like to thank both Paul and Steve for participating in this friendly engagement. We believe that Christian scholarship is strengthen by dialogue across different Christian traditions. Paul and Steve exemplify this dialogue well between themselves. The editors would also like to thank Mark R. Kreitzer for initially suggesting that this dialogue take place in JBTS.

Ryan A. Brandt
Managing Editor

Wrap Up