Matthew’s Hermeneutical Methodology in Matthew 2:15 by Robert Yost

March 28, 2017

Matthew’s Hermeneutical Methodology in Matthew 2:15


2-1a6Robert Yost (PhD, DMin) is Vice President of Academic Affairs Emeritus, Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary

Abstract: In Matthew 2:15, Matthew quotes Hosea 11:1 and states that the events recounted are a direct fulfillment of Hosea’s prophecy. However, the Hosea passage is a clear reference to the exodus, not to an event which occurred over 1400 years later. Was Matthew playing fast and loose with Hosea’s prophecy? Was his statement of fulfillment an abuse of Hosea’s context and meaning? Matthew 2:15 is one of the most problematic passages in the Bible with respect to the New Testament use of the Old Testament.

Key Words: prophecy, fulfillment, typology, midrash, pesher, sensus plenior, analogical.

Wrap Up