A Biblical Theology of the Israelite Monarchy by Eugene Merrill

June 18, 2019

A Biblical Theology of the Israelite Monarchy

Eugene H. Merrill

Eugene H. Merrill is Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies (Emeritus) Dallas Theological Seminary


Abstract: In undertaking a comprehensive Biblical theology, one must take account of each and every aspect of the biblical message and from the accumulated data distill its fundamental concepts and concerns, looking for a central theme if one exists. At the very opening of the sacred text and in the first recorded statement of God about mankind, he speaks of the purpose of his creation: “Be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion over all things” (Genesis 1:26-28). That mandate was never rescinded and the Israelite Monarchy was one of its most significant expressions.
Key Words: Israel, Israelite Monarchy, Kingship, David

Wrap Up